Frequently Asked Questions

Short answer, no.  While the Braque Francais is also an amazing house dog, they are first and foremost a sporting breed that is hard-wired for bird hunting. We put great effort into developing our program so that we have the best hunting bloodlines we can get. Our early socialization for these pups are geared for bird hunting. We foster opportunities for early training where they will use their noses for tracking scent, retrieving, and will be exposed to loud noise to eventually transition to gun shot. Pups as young as 4 -weeks old will exhibit prey drive and the ability to point. They are already passionate about birds and for that reason we feel a responsibility to place them in a home where they will be able to do what they love for the rest of their lives. 

Yes.  Any dog certified by a licensed veterinarian prior to 2 years of age, to have any disease, deformity, injury, physical condition or defect which is congenital or hereditary and severely affects the health of the animal will have reimbursement options available to them under our return policy.

Puppy selection begins around 8 weeks of age following a health screening by a licensed veterinarian.  Selection order will progress in order of earliest receipt date of deposit through the most recent deposit.  We use a thorough questionnaire to assist in getting to know our customer better and to better aide in placing the right puppy with the right family.

The 2023 cost for both male and female puppies is $2400.  That includes microchipping with free lifetime activation, first round of vaccinations, tail docking,  all necessary deworming, a puppy packet of useful training information along with a 5 lb. bag of starter food, and NAVHDA limited registration. 

We do guarantee gender, so if the correct one is not available, you can advance your deposit to a future breeding.

All pups are born with a white coat (some with patching as well).  As pups age, their coats darken (some more than others) and ticking may appear and patching grows larger.  We have seen the coloring of pups change dramatically even through 6 months of age.  While efforts will be made to accommodate for desired coloring,  it is not something we guarantee.

We understand that life happens sometimes.  We will move you forward to another litter provided you make request before the planned litter is born.

We can still move you forward to another litter, but your date of deposit will be reset to the date of request.  Doing so will most likely adjust your pick order.

You will lose your deposit and will need to start over in the application process. We reserve the right to not accept your new application depending on circumstances.

  • First, check out our Current Litters page to find out the availability of our puppies. 

  • Next, we would love for you to Contact us.  Let us get to know you and answer any questions you may have.  

  • Then, you will need to fill out our Customer Questionnaire.  We will  follow up by sending you a Puppy Deposit form. 

  • Finally, you can send a puppy deposit directly via Zelle or mail a check or money order.

We accept cash, personal check, money order or Zelle.

Yes, we test all dogs in our breeding program for genetic eye defects through a licensed animal ophthalmologist using OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) using their Eye Certification Registry.  We further test using either OFA or PennHip screening to check the elasticity of the hips and ensure healthy hip joints.