Our Dogs


Bessy Fleur De Bruyere (Bessy) is the French-born matriarch of our kennel.  She was a great mom to her puppies and very affectionate to her humans.  Content to be a “couch potato” in the house, but outside, her nose leads the way. She is a hard working hunter with a strong prey drive.  Bessy whelped her last litter spring of 2014.  In her retirement she plans to soak in the Michigan sun …from her bed through picture window! .  Click for Pedigree
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Cartouche Du Mas Du Diable (Cartouche) is a people pleaser and extremely affectionate.  She loves to be right next to and cuddled up with her people.  She is soft as silk and low shedding and has the best coat in our kennel. Born in France and imported over by our friend Brad Boisen.  She is right in the middle of the breed standard at 45lbs. and about 21” tall at the shoulder.  She has cleared OFA for eyes and hips.  Cartouche is also now retired .  Click for Pedigree
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Great Lakes Gun Dogs Piper (Piper). We are very excited about the next generation of Great Lakes Gun Dogs.  Piper scored a perfect 112 in her September 2013 NAVDA Natural Ability test for a Prize 1.  Piper has had some fantastic hunting on ruffed grouse, prairie grouse, sharped-tail grouse, woodcock, and pheasant .  Piper is driven in the field but very responsive and handles by voice command, whistle, or hand motions.  She is very careful when she gets into birds and handles grouse well.  A natural retriever, she retrieves birds to hand, and has a very soft mouth.  She is staunch on point and will also honor another dog’s point.  We are also very pleased that she is just as calm and affectionate in the house as her mother Bessy is. Piper is 42lbs. and stands about 21” tall.  She has cleared OFA for eyes and scored better than 90% of other dogs in Pennhip testing. Click for Pedigree
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Leya du Pont du Riot d’Esnes (Leya).  We brought Leya home from France as a 10-week old pup in June 2015.  I first shot wild birds over her points that fall and am excited to see her continue to develop as a bird dog.  She is absolutely bird crazy and very driven.  Leya is very staunch on point she has never broken point and flushed a bird.  She LOVES the water and swimming with unbound enthusiasm.  In her Spring 2016 NAVHDA Natural Ability test she missed a few points on the tracking exercise after a perfect field portion and got 106 points for a Prize 2.  Leya is 45lbs and stands 22″ tall.


Great Lakes Gun Dogs  Jasper (Jasper) is still a young face to our kennel.  Still just under 2 years of age, his ability in the field foreshadows a great future in Michigan bird hunting!  He has handsome features and a  winning personality which makes him the stud of the group!