About the Braque Francais

The Braque Francais is a rare and unique breed in North America.  They are a versatile hunting breed, which means, they will readily hunt upland birds or waterfowl.  What sets them apart from many other breeds is their size, temperament and function.


They are a mid-sized dog which fit better in the duckboat, truck, or house than some of the larger pointing breeds.  Typically, you’ll see females ranging from about 38-45lbs, while a male can be anywhere from 45-55lbs.  They fall around 18.5″-22″ tall at the shoulder.  Regardless of their medium size, they are still built for work. Many a Braque is mistaken for a German short-haired pointer. While they have a strong physical resemblance in some ways, they are much smaller with a different shaped head.


Being of French origin they have a much calmer temperament.  This is what makes them an excellent pet as well as hunting dog.  They are very eager to please and do not need a heavy hand in training or in discipline.  In the home they are quiet, calm dogs and very easy to be around.  You could mistake them for lazy if you haven’t seen them afield.
But in the field, however, they are energetic and determined hunters.  With no quit and plenty of speed and stamina they are ready for all the hunting you can throw at them.  But it is their strong desire to please that creates a dog that is a joy to hunt with.  They truly want to hunt for you and therefore work close, particularly as the cover thickens.


        The Braque is a high performance hunting dog that can be characterized as:
  • A strong dynamic worker – They are fast, generally close-working dogs that can keep up a good pace all day long. They are quick to learn and can even be taught to shed hunt and track blood trails.
  • Solid pointer – While a point comes naturally to this breed, many Braques pups, develop a solid point quite early.
  • Natural retriever – They are born retrievers that almost never have issues of hard mouth. . They happily bring birds to hand for some praise and adoration. They are not typically known for their water work, nevertheless, the Braque Français takes to water easily with a little early exposure and positive experience.
So, whether you have a house full of kids and you need your bird dog to be calm among the chaos, or are an empty nester who want their hunting dog to relax and watch the game, the Braque Francais is the dog for you.
But don’t just take our word for it click here for an excellent article from Gun Dog Magazine about the Braque Francais.

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