Great Lakes Gun Dogs is more a family than a business. While we strive to breed an exceptional bird dog, we know how a dog functions in and around the house is just as important. Our dogs and puppies are well socialized by our three active kids who play some of the most important roles in helping to raise our puppies.

Great Lakes Gun Dogs is located in the small country suburbs of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Here, the classic northern woodlands and rolling terrain meet the warm inland lakes, which prove to be the perfect locale for pheasant, grouse, woodcock and waterfowl. All of which are perfectly suited for the Braque Francais (Pyrennes) breed.

We particularly admire the breed for its eagerness to please, gentle temperament and compact medium size. Not to mention their versatility in the field, close ranging and natural ability to point and retrieve birds .  To maintain the integrity of this great breed we are committed to performing regular eye examinations (CERF/OFA) and hip testing (OFA/Penn Hip) on all of our dogs.

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