Naming Your Gun Dog

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…Or, How NOT to Name Your Gun Dog!

You’ve finally found the perfect breed and may have already picked out just the right pup from the litter. Narrowing down what to call man’s best friend…now that’s the hard part!  You’re getting a sporting dog.  They are in a league of their own.  They have been bred to a specific mate for a specific purpose, many with proud pedigrees and a rich heritage. How’s that for pressure?  Let’s see if we can make this a little easier for you.
What to Avoid When Choosing a Name:
    • Choose a name befitting to your dogs general purpose.  Are you secure enough in your masculinity to holler “Come, Twinkle Toes,” through the woods?
    • Do not choose a name that rhymes with a command you will use.
  • Do not choose a name that is a mile long.  Choose something with one or maybe two syllables.  You’ll be belting out this name for the next 12-15 years…do yourself a favor.
  • For a dog you’ll be taking into the woods or plains and deserts out west, please don’t name your dog Bear, Snake, or Timber.  You’ll understand soon enough!
  • Avoid further confusion with your hunting buddies by steering clear of popular adult names: Bob, Chuck, John and the like.
Naming Your French Dog:  The “One Letter Per Year” System
In 1926  the S.C.C. in France decided that all dogs born in the same year would have a name beginning with the same letter, which would simplify the work of dog genealogists.  In later years, the letters “K,Q,W,X,Y & Z” were  excluded because the choices beginning with these letters were not great enough in the French language.  Here is a link that can show you the year to letter match-up.  Also, click on the alphabet letter coinciding to the correct year and get a list of male and female French dog names.  We don’t require this but it’s fun and helps stay closer to their French heritage.

Happy Hunting!

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